Survey Looks At Homelessness in Prince Albert

Friday, October 13, 2006 at 14:03



A group in Prince Albert called “Uniting to Heal Incorporated” has officially released survey results related to homelessness in the city.


City councillor and group chairman John Swystun says the survey was officially released to the province, city officials and support groups on Wednesday in the hopes of finding a way to help alleviate the growing problem.


Swystun says the community is currently dealing with approximately 300 individuals who are considered “homeless”.


He adds the study found that there plight was largely caused by addictions.


Swystun says because there are several definitions of “homeless”, that number could in fact be higher.


He notes a large number of people “couch surf” every night and don’t have a permanent address. That’s on top of the people who actually live on the streets.