Sturgeon Lake Chief Meets With Dissidents

Wednesday, May 21, 2008 at 12:44



An activist from the Sturgeon Lake First Nation says some results came out of a meeting yesterday with the band’s chief.


A.J. Felix says around 200 people showed up for the session at the reserve gym.


At issue was the on-going efforts by a number of band members to see the results of the band’s latest audit.


According to Felix, Chief Wesley Daniels told the audience the audit wouldn’t be completed until July.


Felix also says the chief indicated a general band meeting could be held later this fall.


Even though nothing was promised, he says the chief’s gesture is encouraging.


However, Felix says band members want to see key financial records as soon as possible.


Felix says the chief did present a package of documents to the members that was about three inches thick, but he says it’s hard to say at this point what value they have.


Felix intends to hold another strategy session with the dissidents in three weeks’ time.


Members of a band tribunal have said in the past that failure to produce relevant financial information to band members might be grounds to remove the chief and council out of office, according to band custom election rules.