Steel-Workers Want Delayed Pulp Mill Closure

Friday, March 17, 2006 at 16:11



The United Steel-Workers union is renewing a call for Weyerhaeuser to delay the closure of its Prince Albert pulp and paper mill.


Union Chairman, Norm Rivard, wants Weyerhaeuser to provide assurances that northern sawmills will keep operating once the Prince Albert pulp mill is closed.


He says it doesn’t make sense to gut the entire industry in Northern Saskatchewan and he wants the company to work with the employees to find a solution.


Rivard, who is a National Chairman for the Steel-Workers union says mill closures happen all the time, but this one is unique, because the closure of the P.A. mill could mean the closure of many other mills too.


Rivard says he’s confident something will happen with the mill, although he doesn’t know what.


He feels the downturn in the forestry industry is easing back and things will eventually stabilize.