Stats Show Laliberte Skips Majority of House Votes

Tuesday, December 02, 2003 at 14:15



Statistics released by the Canadian Alliance indicate Rick Laliberte was present for votes in the House of Commons less than half the time last year.


Churchill River Alliance candidate Jeremy Harrison says data gathered by the party indicates the MP for Churchill River missed just over 53 per cent of the votes in the House of Commons in the past year.


The votes he missed included votes related to the same-sex marriage issue and increased funding for the federal firearms registry.


This follows news that Laliberte skipped almost 80 per cent of the meetings of committees in which he is a member.


Harrison is again asking for details about how Laliberte managed to rack up 310-thousand dollars in travel spending last year — the most of any MP in Canada.


Laliberte says he won’t bow to the wishes of the Canadian Alliance, and won’t release specifics unless he gets an “overwhelming” number of requests to do so from his constituents.