Start Of Fort McMurray Connector A Little Closer

Thursday, April 09, 2009 at 14:48



A provincial cabinet minister says the Alberta government is further ahead on a potential northern road link between the two provinces than he expected.


Highways Minister Wayne Elhard says recent conversations with his Alberta counterpart have revealed that while the proposed road from La Loche to Fort McMurray isn’t Alberta’s highest priority, it is on the radar.


Elhard says the road is not on Alberta’s three-year plan, but it is now ready for tender because the detailed engineering plan for the road has been completed.


He adds that Alberta is focusing on twinning the road from Fort McMurray to Edmonton, because of numerous deaths on that highway in recent years.


Elhard also notes the recession has cut down the oil sands’ need for more workers from Saskatchewan — providing less incentive for the Alberta government to get the road link started.