Squabbling Derails Metis National Council Election

Monday, October 15, 2007 at 13:35



Metis leaders from across the country failed to elect a national president over the weekend.


Delegates from the five provincial Metis organizations were in Ottawa for the Metis National Council’s annual assembly.


However, ousted MNC president Clem Chartier says neither the election nor any other business was carried out because of a dispute over delegate selection.


Chartier says the choice of delegates from Alberta was challenged, and MNC CEO Dale LeClair –- who chaired the weekend meeting –- decided to send the matter back to the courts after two days of wrangling.


Chartier also says a few MNC governors responsible for his dismissal tried to replace LeClair as CEO at the meeting — but Chartier notes MNS president Robert Doucette didn’t go for it.


Chartier, who launched a legal challenge of his removal from office over the summer, estimates the ongoing leadership dispute may take months to resolve.