Sportsman’s Lodge Found Guilty

Friday, July 13, 2007 at 15:14



An outfitting camp in Northern Saskatchewan has been found guilty of exceeding their daily fishing allocations on Otter Lake back in 2005.


Sportsman’s Lodge, along with manager Ruffo Schindler, were found guilty of one charge of exceeding their daily allocation for Otter Lake but they were also found NOT guilty of providing false information to conservation officers during their investigation.


In his reading of the decision, the judge said Schindler was willfully blind by not playing a more active role in knowing exactly where his guides were fishing every day. He said -quote- “if he didn’t know, he should have.”


Sportsman’s owner Isaac Ens was found not guilty on both charges. This will be the second time Sportsman’s Lodge has been found guilty of illegal outfitting on Otter Lake.


Sentencing will be heard on July 20th.