Sonntag Says Native Housing Emerging as Priority

Wednesday, March 10, 2004 at 13:12



The minister of Aboriginal Affairs for Saskatchewan says the province’s First Nations and Metis leaders have been hitting him with many requests over the past few weeks, but one issue that stands apart from the rest seems to be housing.


Maynard Sonntag spoke during a strategy meeting last night for urban Aboriginal people in Prince Albert.


The minister says that while certain conditions may change from place to place, the need is the same throughout the province.


One of those voicing concerns about the housing situation in Prince Albert was Delbert Painted Nose of the city’s west flat area.


Painted Nose says he came to P.A. from a nearby reserve to make a better life for himself, but has since only found trouble from greedy landlords.


Sonntag also heard complaints last night over cuts to social programming and the perceived lack of attention being paid to Aboriginal justice issues.