Sonntag Refutes Metis Leader’s Funding Claims

Thursday, October 07, 2004 at 13:17



We’re getting two different stories about where the federal government stands on the recent Metis election in Saskatchewan.


Metis Nation – Saskatchewan president Dwayne Roth says he’s been assured by officials in Ottawa that about 1.8 million dollars in funding will be restored to the MNS.


The money, which includes core funding from Heritage Canada and funds for post-Powley initiatives, was suspended after the provincial government froze funding of its own to the MNS earlier this summer over concerns about the Metis election.


Roth says he was able to secure the funding during a recent trip to Ottawa, where he met with senior government officials like federal Metis interlocutor Andy Scott.


However, First Nations and Metis Relations Minister Maynard Sonntag says he’s been assured Ottawa will not be releasing that funding until it at least sees an independent report into the Metis election.


A report into the review of the Metis election undertaken by former provincial chief electoral officer Keith Lampard is due any week now.


The declared winners of the recent Metis election will be sworn into office today by the MNS Senate at a ceremony in Saskatoon.