Sonntag Gets Close Look At Native Self-Government

Wednesday, October 18, 2006 at 15:34



Saskatchewan’s First Nations and Metis Relations Minister feels he has taken a glimpse into the future, following a visit to a B.C. First Nation.


Maynard Sonntag was on the West Coast last week to meet with B.C.’s Aboriginal Affairs minister — but he also took time to travel to a self-governing First Nation.


Sonntag notes the Westbank band near Kelowna already has a deal in place with various levels of government, and is now at the stage where it is passing its own laws.


Sonntag met with Westbank officials, because he feels they are doing things the Meadow Lake Tribal Council envisions in its self-government initiative.


He also says the Westbank example should alleviate any misgivings people might have about Native self-government. He notes it seems to be working quite smoothly, despite early trepidation by some.


The MLTC process represents the only active self-government negotiations currently taking place in Saskatchewan.