Sonntag Encouraged By Call For New MNS Election

Wednesday, March 02, 2005 at 13:10



Saskatchewan’s Metis Relations minister says it is essential that the next Metis election in the province be independently-run.


Maynard Sonntag is responding to comments made by Metis Nation of Saskatchewan president Dwayne Roth, who still feels the Metis Nation can run its own election.


Roth is proposing the MNS hold another vote this fall, funded by the province, as a way to settle the impasse that’s existed since last year’s disputed election.


Sonntag says the only way that can work is if the Metis people see that it’s independently-run.


Roth has said that he intends to run if a new election is held this fall.


Sonntag says, if that’s the case, it’s in Roth’s best interests to allow an outside group to oversee the vote.


Having said that, Sonntag says he is “extremely encouraged” that Roth is now open to the idea of re-doing the election.