SIAST Unveils Aboriginal Policing Program

Tuesday, September 11, 2007 at 14:38



A total of 27 First Nations and Metis students crowded into SIAST’s Woodland Campus in Prince Albert yesterday to attend the official unveiling of a new police program.


The Aboriginal Police Preparation course begins immediately at the school, and is designed to give the youth an inside glimpse at what’s needed to become an officer.


Josh Eaglechild is one of the new hopefuls who wants to become a police officer.


The English River band member says he likes the fact all his classmates are of Aboriginal ancestry.


Eaglechild says he was encouraged to give police work a chance by his aunt, who is an RCMP officer currently stationed at Sturgeon Lake.


Lyle Stroeder, the director of Aboriginal Policy for Saskatchewan Justice, says the initiative should help boost the number of Aboriginal officers in Saskatchewan.


Although there is no guarantee any of the students will eventually become officers, the department hopes it will at least increase their chances.


The cost of the six-month program is $4,500.