SGI Compensates Family of Accident Victim

Thursday, October 28, 2004 at 13:21



The family of a young First Nations man who died under the wheels of an RCMP cruiser will receive additional compensation.


17-year-old Darwin Robert Campbell died when he was struck by the vehicle on a highway south of Prince Albert in September of 2002.


He was riding his bicycle at the time of the incident.


SGI will reportedly hand out an additional $2,500 to his infant son, who hadn’t been born yet at the time of the incident.


This is in addition to another $50,000 agreed to already.


During the inquest into Campbell’s death, RCMP experts testified the cruiser that struck him likely was travelling at a speed in excess of 130 kilometres per hour.


The officer behind the wheel of the car stated he was only travelling 100 kilometres per hour when the collision occurred.


The jury that presided over the inquest recommended RCMP put global positioning devices in all of its cruisers so that the speeds of the vehicles could be verified.