Serby Slams Lingenfelter’s Nuclear Plant Proposal

Friday, October 28, 2005 at 16:00



Saskatchewan Deputy Premier Clay Serby is speaking out about a recent pitch to build a nuclear power plant in Saskatchewan’s northwest.


This week, former deputy premier Dwayne Lingenfelter let it be known he is starting up a drive to build a plant, so the energy can be sold to nearby Fort McMurray.


The former politician says he will discuss the move at length during a Saskatoon business meeting next month.


However, Serby maintains there is no appetite in the province right now for the establishment of such a controversial project.


He also questions Lingenfelter’s motives, and believes Lingenfelter is driven mainly by the potential benefits to his Calgary-based oil firm.


Serby also believes Lingenfelter’s proposal lacks the necessary political steam to become a reality.


However, Serby says he won’t be surprised if other energy companies step forward soon and pitch the same idea.