Serby Reacts to FSIN’s Plan to Ignore Smoking Ban

Thursday, December 16, 2004 at 15:50



Saskatchewan’s deputy premier says he’s surprised at the approach the FSIN is taking regarding the province’s new anti-smoking bylaw.


The FSIN has announced that the government’s ban on smoking in indoor public places will not be enforced in the province’s native-owned casinos when the new law comes into effect on January 1st.


Clay Serby feels this is surprising, given the fact that the Painted Hand Casino in Yorkton has already complied with a local non-smoking bylaw.


Serby refuses to say what, if anything, the province might do to try to enforce the ban on reserves and in casinos.


He says the province will try to make an appeal to First Nations leaders to change their mind.


He also says the provincial government is not trying to undermine Aboriginal sovereignty.