Scott Open To All Options To Settle Abuse Claims

Thursday, August 25, 2005 at 15:22



Indian Affairs Minister Andy Scott says he he’s not opposed to the government delivering a formal apology to victims of residential schools.


Former Supreme Court justice Frank Iacobucci is working with the Assembly of First Nations, survivors, lawyers and the government to come up with a resolution proposal by next March.


The AFN has said it will need to see suitable compensation, a formal apology to survivors and a truth and reconciliation forum where victims can share their stories.


Scott is also open to the compensation and truth forum proposals, but adds he can’t be definitive about what the government might do because its working it’s partnership with the AFN.


Scott maintains that approach doesn’t represent a cop-out on the part of the government. Despite the new partnership with the AFN, he says the government accepts complete responsibility for getting a satisfactory result.


Even though the government is promising to finally resolve the residential schools file, the AFN is still proceeding with a class-action lawsuit to keep the process moving.