Schools To Track Aboriginal Students’ Progress

Tuesday, December 22, 2009 at 12:17



The Greater Saskatoon Catholic School Division hopes by tracking Aboriginal students’ progress, it can provide more programming to help ensure their success.


Superintendent Gordon Martell says there is data collected on each student in the division and data at the provincial and national level.


“We don’t have databases that currently speak well to each other and are able to interpret all of the various questions that we might have around Aboriginal student success. It’s important, I think, to drill down a little further and to look at stability and where Aboriginal students are attending school, where they might be disengaging, are there problem spots in terms of transitions between various grade levels, and those kinds of things,” Martell says.


Martell says a database will be created to cross-reference the division’s programs and students who self-identify as Aboriginal to see what more can be done.


He hopes to have a report with the data collected in the spring.