Saulteaux School Affected By Gas Leak — Again

Tuesday, November 18, 2008 at 12:47



Schoolchildren on the Saulteaux First Nation have been kept home from school twice in the past three weeks due to suspected gas leaks.


The latest incident occurred yesterday.


Just like last time, a valve needed to be replaced — this time adjacent to the arena, which is close to the school.


Saulteaux Heritage School Principal Maria Ahenakew hints the problem may have been caused by youth playing in the area.


Ahenakew says SaskEnergy officials plan to build a barricade to prevent kids from getting on or near the valves.


SaskEnergy spokesman Dave Burdeniuk says the utility will look into that possibility, noting it’s rare for two similar incidents to occur so close together.


Burdeniuk says virtually no gas escaped — there was just a bad smell.