Saskatoon Man Asked To Help End Caledonia Dispute

Wednesday, July 23, 2008 at 15:29



A Saskatoon lawyer hopes his experience will lead to a settlement in an ongoing land dispute between the Ontario government and Six Nations at Caledonia.


Tom Molloy was approached by the government of Ontario and has since been appointed its chief negotiator.


Molloy is well known for his work on history-making Aboriginal land claims, as he has acted as chief negotiator for the government of Canada in the past, and was also instrumental in the process that lead to the creation of Nunavut.


Molloy says that experience will hopefully help both sides see what the other wants and reach an agreement.


He says he took his time considering the offer, given the complexity of the dispute.


There have been blockades and protests at Caledonia by Six Nations members, as well as heated exchanges between them and non-Aboriginal residents.


Molloy takes over the position in September.