Saskatchewan Potential Nuclear Waste Storage Site

Friday, November 04, 2005 at 15:53



The Nuclear Waste Management Organization has completed a study into where and how Canada’s spent nuclear fuel should be stored in this country – and Saskatchewan is one of the jurisdictions it feels would be best suited for a storage facility.


That’s because the NWMO feels any facility should be built in a province that is already involved in the nuclear fuel cycle, and Saskatchewan is a world leader in uranium production.


The other three provinces recommended by the NWMO are Ontario, New Brunswick and Quebec – mainly because they all have nuclear power plants.


The organization also says any proposed facility must meet rigorous safety and security standards through its design and process, and have the support of citizens at each step.


As well, the NWMO says it will need to respect Aboriginal rights, treaties and land claims.


The NWMO has concluded that a decision on where to build facilities should be made within the next 30 years.