Saskatchewan Denied Entry into Arctic Winter Games

Monday, December 01, 2003 at 13:00



The MP for Churchill River is wondering why Northern Saskatchewan is still not entered for the upcoming Arctic Winter Games in Fort McMurray.


Rick Laliberte says he’s been lobbying the provincial government to enter Northern Saskatchewan as a team since the last Arctic Winter Games 3 years ago. But with the Games less than 3 months away, Laliberte says there’s still been no movement on this issue.


Laliberte says he hopes it’s not a case of the province dragging its feet because of political differences provincial politicians might have with Laliberte.


But provincial culture, youth and recreation minister Joan Beatty says the province has been trying since 1994 to enter a team in the Artic Winter Games. She says Games officials have repeatedly told the province there is simply no more room to add another team.


Beatty says she’s still hopeful the province will be able to enter a team in time for editions of the Games in future years.


Aside from representation from Canadian provinces, the Games also feature entries from Alaska and countries like Russia.