Sask Party Continues To Question Belanger

Wednesday, May 30, 2007 at 14:54



The Opposition is accusing Community Resources Minister Buckley Belanger of withholding information about a reserve-based care home for troubled youth earlier this year.


The Saskatchewan Party’s Ted Merriman wants to know why Belanger didn’t mention he had a damning report into the Four Directions facility at a committee meeting in March.


Merriman is upset he and other committee members at the meeting voted to spend one million dollars on a facility that was shut down a month later.


Belanger says he answered every question he was asked at that meeting, and wonders why the Saskatchewan Party is bringing this up now.


The report stated that Four Directions, among other things, was not meeting core safety standards and was being staffed by people who were too frequently using physical force to restrain children.


The facility was based on the Muskowekwan reserve.