Sask. Liberals To Seek Aboriginal Input

Tuesday, December 08, 2009 at 12:11



Aboriginal people will be invited to help develop Saskatchewan Liberal Party policies early next year, according to party leader Ryan Bater.


Bater says he’ll be visiting reserves early in 2010, in the run-up to the party’s convention in March.


“In order for us to develop good policy, we’re going to have to go engage and visit with local First Nations,” he says.


Bater says one issue the party wants to discuss with Aboriginal people is the environment.


He is especially interested in the use of renewable resources, rather than non-renewable ones like coal or oil.


“We also want to be talking about energy and the environment, and the use of renewable energy sources to address the energy crisis that our province is about to go into,” Bater says.


The party also wants to discuss ways to make First Nations more economically viable.


One idea, Bater says, is to encourage Aboriginal people to set up their own businesses.