Sandy Bay Nurses Return To Clinic

Thursday, October 27, 2005 at 14:58



Nurses are back working today at the Sandy Bay health clinic.


It was originally thought they would re-appear in the community yesterday, but that wasn’t the case.


The health facility had been without nurses since Sunday, when the three primary care nurses left the clinic after apparently being threatened by intoxicated patients.


The nurses have told the authorities that they received numerous verbal threats to themselves and their property over the weekend.


The Mamawetan-Churchill River Regional Health Authority says the decision to suspend services on Sunday was made mutually by the nurses and the health authority.


Spokesperson Theresa Heinrichs says the health region will try to learn lessons from this incident, so it doesn’t happen again.


Heinrichs says a security guard will be stationed at the clinic around the clock.


Heinrichs also says it appears the community of Sandy Bay is going to look at the whole situation and assess what else can be done, with the support of the health region.