Sanderson Picked To Lead Medicine Chest Task Force

Friday, July 25, 2008 at 14:50



Former Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations chief Sol Sanderson has been appointed to lead a task force thas has been struck to advise First Nations on the best way to set up their own health care system.


Sanderson was handed the role at the end of the three-day Medicine Chest Gathering at the Thunderchild First Nation yesterday.


Sanderson says First Nations already have a blueprint for how to set up their own Aboriginal health care system.


He points out First Nations did the same thing in the early 1970s when they set up their own education system.


The task force will report back to the chiefs of the participating Saskatchewan First Nations in a year or so.


However, it’s still not known exactly how many people will sit on that panel.


According to Thunderchild Chief Dale Awasis, that’s because organizers want to have as wide a representation as possible.


Awasis will soon be attending another treaty gathering in Ontario, and he plans to take what they’ve accomplished this week to that event with the hope that First Nations leaders at that meeting will sign on.


Awasis notes chiefs from Alberta and the FSIN have already indicated interest in participating.