Sabo Fires Officers Mentioned in Stonechild Report

Friday, November 12, 2004 at 15:26



Two Saskatoon police officers that have been linked to the death of Neil Stonechild have been dismissed from the force.


Police chief Russell Sabo made the announcement this afternoon.


Constables Larry Hartwig and Bradley Senger had been suspended with pay from the force a couple of weeks ago following the release of the final report of the inquiry into Stonechild’s death.


In his report, Justice David Wright concluded Stonechild was in the custody of Hartwig and Senger the night the 17-year-old Aboriginal youth died in November 1990.


There have been reports that rank and file police officers in Saskatoon don’t believe Hartwig and Senger had anything to do with Stonechild’s death and were pressuring Sabo to not discipline the officers in question.


However, Sabo stated today that he doesn’t feel there will be a mutiny in the force as the result of his actions today.