Roth Scheduled to Testify at Laviolette Trial

Thursday, October 07, 2004 at 13:15



Metis Nation – Saskatchewan president Dwayne Roth will be testifying today at the high-profile Metis hunting case taking place this week in Meadow Lake.


Roth says the so-called Laviolette case will clarify a lot of questions about Metis hunting rights in this province.


Roth says the Metis are using this case to challenge a number of existing Saskatchewan Environment policies concerning Metis hunting — including the issue of whether those rights are portable.


Roth says Metis should have those rights no matter where they hunt in the Metis homeland — not just around their home communities or above the NAD line.


However, Roth is disappointed that these rights still have to be fought in court in Saskatchewan — when other provinces are negotiating with the Metis in the wake of the Supreme Court’s Powley decision.


The arguments in the Laviolette case are scheduled to wrap up next week.