Roth Rips Into Rivals Over Threat to MNS Funding

Thursday, June 17, 2004 at 15:10



MNS president-elect Dwayne Roth is blaming political opponents for putting the organization’s provincial funding in jeopardy.


Aboriginal Affairs minister Maynard Sonntag says he’s so concerned about the controversy surrounding the recent Metis election that he’s leaning towards pulling the province’s 400-thousand-dollar annual operating grant to the MNS.


Roth feels the province is overstepping its bounds, but is most upset with his political opponents.


He says the provincial government was pressured into this posture by some “very disgruntled, very vocal” political rivals.


Roth says his rivals should be ashamed of themselves for “creating a lot of problems for the Metis Nation”.


He says they can’t call themselves “nation builders” if they go to an outside party to resolve conflict within the MNS.


Sonntag says he will make a final decision by tomorrow.