Roth Prepared to Wait As Election Appeal Unfolds

Tuesday, June 15, 2004 at 15:20



The current president of the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan admits rumours and ambiguity surround his recent rise to office.


Dwayne Roth was officially handed the reigns of power just hours after Metis elections officials held a media conference to announce Robert Doucette as the winner.


This, after chief electoral officer Robert McAuley was apparently notified by Roth that results from a ballot box were not included in the final totals.


Elections officials had held off announcing the vote results until Thursday to allow time for all of the ballots to be sent to an independent accounting firm for verification.


However, it’s unclear if the results from the ballot box in question were subjected to the same scrutiny.


Roth says he doesn’t know for sure how McAuley came to the conclusion that Roth had beaten Doucette in the election.


Roth says he has no intention of pushing forward with his agenda for the MNS until all of the outstanding issues surrounding the vote have been addressed.