Road Link Impact Study Released

Wednesday, November 10, 2004 at 14:05



A long-awaited study into the potential impact of a proposed link between La Loche and Fort McMurray has confirmed what most people already assumed about the project.


The report concludes that both northern Saskatchewan and Alberta will benefit economically from the construction of the new highway.


Alberta Premier Ralph Klein has said the idea to build the 30-million-dollar highway makes sense for a lot of reasons, and the study commissioned by Methy Construction of La Loche backs that up.


The study’s key finding is that the road link will result in increased employment opportunities for Saskatchewan residents to work in the Oil Sands sector in Alberta.


As well, the study forecasts a significant expansion of outdoor recreation opportunities for the fast-growing population of Fort McMurray.


However, the study warns the benefits of the new road will be fully realized only if workplace skills training is upgraded, existing roads are improved — especially Highway 155, and if tourism infrastructure and skills are developed.