Return Of Red Earth Evacuees Several Days Away

Wednesday, April 19, 2006 at 14:42



Water continues to gather near the top of dikes on the Red Earth First Nation.


However, authorities remain optimistic water levels aren’t getting any higher, and may be starting to recede.


Peak flows passed Red Earth yesterday. However, the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority says the hydraulic response at the reserve resembles a lake, rather than a section of river.


There has been no discernable decline in water level as of this morning.


Prince Albert Grand Council spokesman Richard Kent says no one can say for sure what the water is going to do, but he is mildly optimistic.


Kent says some residents may be allowed back to the southern reserve in a few days’ time.


Northern reserve residents may possibly be back in approximately a week.


However, he cautions that is a “best case” scenario, and the situation is still very unpredictable.


Roughly 1,000 reserve residents were evacuated to places like Prince Albert and Saskatoon this past weekend.