Residential School Survivors Waiting For Forms

Wednesday, January 04, 2006 at 15:23



A meeting will take place in Saskatoon this month to discuss the latest details surrounding a government compensation package for residential school survivors.


Ray Ahenakew is one of the people coordinating the session.


He says there are many misconceptions and rumours swirling around the deal that are just plain wrong.


For instance, he says the questionnaire people have been filling out the last several weeks isn’t actually the compensation form itself — it’s only designed to update the database of the Assembly of First Nations.


Ahenakew says the real form hasn’t even been completed yet by Ottawa, much less sent out.


And he says too many people seem to believe the outcome of the federal election will determine whether compensation money actually gets paid out.


He stresses a court order is the real glue behind the deal and political posturing won’t change that.


Ahenakew says he and others have been on the phone every day trying to find out when survivors will get their forms, but so far they haven’t got an answer.


He adds the meeting on the issue will take place January 16th at the Saskatoon Inn.