Residential School Package Not Enough

Thursday, November 24, 2005 at 14:09



A newly-announced federal compensation package for survivors of residential schools is being downplayed by a northern outreach worker.


Selena McIntyre is the coordinator of the Athabasca Healing Initiative based in Stony Rapids.


She says that while some may think yesterday’s $2-billion dollar deal rectifies or addresses the wrongs committed at residential schools, it doesn’t.


McIntyre is a former student herself, and for the past few years she has worked to help survivors deal with the damage that was done to them.


She says the effects of the schools are still being felt today by residents of the Far North, and it’s not something that money will fix.


McIntyre also questions why Ottawa has cut funding to healing foundations like the one she heads up. Its money is due to dry up in June.


She says that while other agencies are out there, none of them are specifically designed to deal with the effects of the residential school experience.