Reserves Continue To Deal With Flooding

Tuesday, April 24, 2007 at 13:23



A total of 18 communities in the province have now declared a state of emergency due to spring flooding.


Doug Johnson of the Saskatchewan Watershed authority says officials are still keeping a close eye on the situation at Red Earth — but the worst appears to be over.


Authorities say evacuees from the reserve are expected back tomorrow, barring any unforeseen circumstances.


He says one minor problem has been that beavers and muskrats are tunnelling through dikes, causing leaks.


Still, Johnson says the situation looks to be under control.


Meanwhile, Saskatchewan Watershed Authority spokesman Bart Ogema says waters near Beardy’s/Okemasis are continuing to rise and could come up another foot.


He says peak levels should be seen later this week.


So far, at least one home on the reserve has taken in water.


But Johnson says he don’t anticipate any major flooding damage at Beardy’s.


Elsewhere, a band employee at the Yellowquill First Nation says a few homes on that reserve have taken on some water, but that’s about it.


She doesn’t foresee any major action having to be taken.