Reserve Takes Tough Stand On Harassment Of Nurses

Thursday, April 09, 2009 at 14:53



The Hatchet Lake Dene Nation has been forced to pass a tough band council resolution in the wake of nurses threatening to leave their community.


Last week the health director contacted the band’s chief, Rosalie Tsannie-Burseth, about the disrespect nurses are receiving when treating patients.


Tsannie-Burseth says the abuse stems from nurses treating people who are abusing alcohol, drugs, or solvents — who tend to lash out.


She says, in one instance, a nurse was punched and she never came back.


In other cases, Tsannie-Burseth says people have stolen things from the clinic while nurses are busy with patients.


She says membership instructed chief and council to do whatever it takes to ensure the nurses work in a harassment-free environment, and they have until May 1st to do so.


Tsannie-Burseth says a resolution was passed that sees offenders have their vehicle confiscated.


Before the vehicle is returned, the person will have to pay $500 and meet with the chief and council.


She says people who continue to offend will be banned from the community.