Report Recommends Ways To Improve Inner City Life

Tuesday, November 18, 2008 at 13:29



The president of the Central Urban Metis Federation is optimistic change will come from the latest Saskatoon Health Region report about health disparities.


The region released a report yesterday outlining 46 recommendations on how to deal with the health disparity between Saskatoon’s inner city residents and the rest of the city.


This report comes on the heels of a report released two years ago that outlined a picture of much poorer health for those who live in Saskatoon’s six inner city neighbourhoods . . . including higher rates of teenage pregnancy, infant mortality, suicide, and chronic disease.


Shirley Isbister believes there is political will on the part of the province and is optimistic something can be done.


A First Nations leader is calling on the government to implement the recommendations immediately.


Saskatoon Tribal Council Vice-Chief Geraldine Arcand notes the public is generally in favour of the report, and those in power should do something right away.


The report says the main determinant of poor health is low income.


It recommends initiatives to combat that — including removing the lower limit tax exemption from high income earners, increasing support for parents on leave and increasing the minimum wage.


It also says learning institutions should set aside spots for low income earners for free.