Report: Bird Handed Watson Power To Shake Up FNUC

Thursday, July 28, 2005 at 14:52



A published report says FSIN Chief Alphonse Bird gave the chair of the First Nations University power to take whatever action he deemed necessary to handle allegations of misspending at the school.


FSIN Vice Chief and FNUC Chairman Morley Watson received clearance from Bird in the form of a letter back in February just prior to the first round of suspensions at the university.


According to the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix, the measure was approved at a controversial board meeting that was not attended by all board members.


That meeting took place on February 17th — hours after Watson suspended three university officials and seized documents and computer files at offices on the Regina campus.


Watson has been criticized by faculty and staff for his handling of the situation, which has led to several dismissals and resignations since that time.


They have repeatedly argued his approach is in direct violation of official protocol that is detailed in agreements between the university and its staff.