Report Addresses Assistance For Native Students

Tuesday, October 09, 2007 at 13:49



An NDP cabinet minister is recommending the provincial government provide for a fully-funded tuition reduction of $1,000 per academic year for all undergraduate students at the province’s two largest universities.


That’s one of 51 recommendations in Warren McCall’s review of the accessibility of post-secondary education in Saskatchewan.


McCall is also recommending an increase of provincial student loan limits to help cover housing and living costs.


As well, McCall is calling for the construction of a Northern Centre of Learning to serve as a “northern hub” for post-secondary education.


He also says the province has to ensure First Nations students have access to non-repayable financial assistance.


The provincial government estimates there are approximately 1,000 qualified First Nations students on waiting lists for federal funding.


McCall is also proposing pilot projects in the inner city that would provide financial incentives for high school students to finish their schooling.