Reindeer River System Continues To Swell

Tuesday, August 16, 2005 at 15:22



The Saskatchewan Watershed Authority is once again notifying residents in the Reindeer River basin about rising water levels.


Authority spokesman Doug Johnson says the water has been on a steady rise because of recent heavy rain, adding to the already high flows in the river system.


Johnson says water levels will go up significantly within the next day or so, rising 0.6 metres.


The increased flows are expected to cause flooding of low-lying areas, and people with property next to the water are being advised to move it to higher ground.


He adds the river system will change with the rising water levels, making it dangerous for even the most experienced boaters.


Johnson says water levels are expected to remain high for several weeks and if the rain continues, levels could stay high for the next few months.


Meanwhile, flows on the Churchill River system have already peaked and are expected to continue to recede.