Reindeer Lake Area Warned About Spring Runoff

Wednesday, April 11, 2007 at 14:31



An official with the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority says predictions of a very wet spring in the North haven’t changed.


Don Dill says the La Ronge area received 200 per cent the normal amount of precipitation in the month of March alone.


Some of that moisture is evaporating, but he says relatively cool temperatures mean a lot of it still has to come off.


He expects the month of May could be too much to handle for some culverts and roadways in the region if warmer weather doesn’t come sooner rather than later.


Dill says the situation is especially worrisome in the Southend-Reindeer Lake area, which received four times the regular amount of precipitation in March.


He says the situation on the West Side and in the Far North isn’t nearly as bad.