RCMP Identify Dead Stranded Motorists

Thursday, January 11, 2007 at 14:04



The RCMP have released the names of the two stranded motorists from Onion Lake who died while trying to walk home in a blizzard.


18-year-old Harlan Whitstone and 38-year-old Karen Littlewolfe were found dead yesterday morning after apparently setting out on foot from their stuck vehicle.


Another motorist and a tow truck operator discovered the bodies along an access road on the First Nation at around 10:15 am yesterday.


The Mounties say it looks like the victims began walking at around 1:00 Tuesday morning when their vehicle failed to negotiate a T-intersection and became stuck in blizzard conditions.


The two had walked about 900 metres from their car and were within 200 metres of a house when they were found.


RCMP spokesperson Heather Russell says the victims passed by several homes on the reserve, but were apparently trying to get to their home before they succumbed to the elements.