RCMP Disciplines Mountie Involved In Sign Scandal

Wednesday, October 08, 2008 at 15:29



The RCMP has disciplined a uniformed, off-duty Mountie from the Southend detachment recently spotted hauling Conservative campaign signs from his cruiser into a Tory candidate’s campaign office in La Ronge.


The RCMP say the discipline came in the form of “providing operational guidance” to the officer involved, who’s identity won’t be released.


In addition, the force has taken action “to ensure that all members clearly understand their absolute requirement to maintain a visibly neutral and non-biased position during all election activities”.


The RCMP is also apologizing to the “community of La Ronge” and the local resident who reported the incident, Bill Layman.


Meanwhile, Conservative candidate Rob Clarke says there’s no way for him to track the activities of all his volunteers.


His Liberal rival, David Orchard, has called on Clarke to explain how this incident happened.


But Clarke says he was unaware this was taking place until he heard the reports in the media.


Clarke also doesn’t think much of Orchard’s take on the situation, saying “he’s trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill”.


When asked earlier today if this controversy will hurt his campaign for re-election, Clarke said, “I hope not”.