RCMP Defend Post-Court Transporation Policy

Monday, March 05, 2007 at 14:15



A spokesman for the RCMP says the force does what it can for out-of-town residents attending court.


However, Sgt. Brian Jones says the Mounties can’t be expected to fly everyone home on an immediate basis.


The issue recently came to a head after a legal aid lawyer in La Ronge filed a Charter challenge against the RCMP for failing to make sure one of her clients got back to the Far North after a court appearance in La Ronge.


Attorney Felicia Daunt says her client was forced to wander the streets in sub-zero temperatures because he didn’t have money or anywhere to go.


Jones says the RCMP does its best to help out residents who need transportation back to their communities — but he argues it doesn’t always have the available resources.


He says the issue will only be fixed if a coalition of social agencies and other stakeholder groups work together to address the problem in a practical manner.


The Charter challenge will be heard in court later this month.