Rash Of Luring Attempts Puts Band Leaders On Alert

Thursday, September 11, 2008 at 13:56



Officials in two Lac La Ronge Indian Band communities are warning residents to keep an eye out for possible predators.


The local administration in Grandmother’s Bay has circulated a bulletin saying that a white car was spotted in the community last night, and two teens were offered money to get into the vehicle.


A similar incident reportedly happened in Stanley Mission on Saturday.


In a release, the band office in Stanley Mission says a white car with four men inside tried to lure a girl into the vehicle by offering her candy.


Two luring incidents involving a light blue truck were reported in La Ronge on August 18th, and community leaders in Stanley Mission are worried the men involved in Saturday’s episode might return in a different vehicle.


Parents are being asked to warn their children about how to deal with strangers.


Anyone with information on this matter is asked to contact the RCMP.