Public Gets Inside Look Into Wapos Bay TV Series

Friday, July 21, 2006 at 12:51



The Saskatoon studio that produces a made-for-TV claymation series about the fictional northern community of Wapos Bay is holding an open house today.


Seven new episodes will air this fall on APTN.


The half-hour-long show focuses on the adventures of three Aboriginal children as they learn about life and growing up in a northern community.


Series creator Dennis Jackson, who’s originally from Sandy Bay, says the studio wanted to give the public a chance to see what goes into making a stop frame animation series.


Jackson estimates that, at the height of production, they can have as many as 40 people working at the same time.


The characters in the series are voiced by the likes of Gordon Tootoosis, Andrea Menard and Lorne Cardinal.


The open house is taking place this afternoon at the studio’s Saskatoon location at #1-401 45th Street West.