Province Planning Northern Duty To Consult Meeting

Friday, May 09, 2008 at 13:21



Plans are in the works to hold a roundtable discussion this summer for northern First Nations and Metis groups concerning the duty to consult issue.


First Nations and Metis Relations Minister June Draude isn’t sure when the event will take place, but says it’s needed.


Draude says next week’s roundtable in Saskatoon will be a good chance to hear some of the major concerns First Nations and Metis have with the topic.


However, she says a separate session will be needed to hear northern concerns in-depth.


She also doesn’t expect a concrete policy on the duty to consult issue to be hammered out at next week’s meeting.


Rather, Draude says the event should be regarded as the first rung in a complicated process.


She notes some issues like territorial mapping will be covered at the event.


But others, like the question of how traditional lands will be decided upon, will not.


Draude stresses the process will be a long one and everyone must be patient.