Province Not Prepared To Drop Overtime Exemption

Tuesday, October 25, 2005 at 15:47



A provincial labour department official says removing an overtime exemption for northern workers is not a priority right now.


Nadine Sisk says that’s because the government heard more positive feedback than opposition to it during consultations a few years ago.


The exemption allows companies to not pay overtime to workers earning an hourly wage in northern Saskatchewan outside La Ronge, Creighton and Uranium City.


Former MP Rick Laliberte, who now works at a mine site, is upset northern Saskatchewan is the only jurisdiction in Canada that permits companies to do this.


However, Sisk says her department hasn’t seen enough opposition to justify changing the law.


Sisk also says there still seems to be a sentiment out there that the overtime exemption helps spur northern economic development.


Laliberte feels the overtime exemption is a violation of northern workers’ rights. He is circulating a petition calling on the province to dump the exemption.