Province Granted Observer Status in Metis Appeal

Thursday, July 22, 2004 at 14:52



The Metis Nation of Saskatchewan is speaking out about the government’s decision to begin an investigation into its recent election.


In a press release yesterday the MNS stated a Queen’s bench court judge had ruled no independent investigator would be appointed to review the appeals, because a proper appeals process was already in place.


John Wiebe is the Executive Director of policy for the department of Aboriginal affairs, he says the development is unfortunate but they will carry on.


Wiebe says the department will still be sending former electoral officer Keith Lampard to conduct an investigation into whether or not a proper election was held earlier this year.


This morning the MNS issued another release stating the province would be granted observer status at the MNS election appeal set for the Prince Albert Inn from August 3rd to the 6th.


Metis Senator Gilbert Pelletier stated he disagreed with the government’s involvement in what he notes is an internal Metis process.


While the MNS is open to allowing the province to observe, its the Metis Sentate and appeals committee that have the final say on whether the province will be permitted access to next month’s election appeal review.