Province Feels Pressure to Settle Metis Hunting

Thursday, July 15, 2004 at 14:55



The manager of Aboriginal Affairs for Saskatchewan Environment admits provinces are under increasing pressure to settle the Metis hunting rights issue in short order.


Jack Kinnear says Ontario’s decision last week to grant Metis harvester cards in the wake of the Supreme Court’s Powley decision has put pressure on Saskatchewan and Manitoba to work out harvesting agreements of their own with Metis.


He says that’s likely why the Manitoba Metis Federation has imposed a July 31st deadline on the Manitoba government to settle Metis hunting rights in that province.


Kinnear says whenever a Metis hunting rights agreement is reached in Saskatchewan, it will likely put more emphasis on belonging to a historic Metis community rather than living in a subsistence lifestyle.


Kinnear says the Metis election controversy in this province has put all talks on hold, but he is hopeful a Metis hunting rights deal can be reached within months.