Province Considering Yanking Funding for the MNS

Wednesday, June 16, 2004 at 14:30



The newly-elected president of the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan doesn’t think it’s the provincial government’s place to concern itself with the recent MNS election.


Dwayne Roth doesn’t like the fact that the provincial government is seriously considering pulling its funding from the MNS over concerns about reported election irregularities.


The annual funding from the province to the MNS amounts to 400-thousand dollars.


Aboriginal Affairs minister Maynard Sonntag says he’s leaning towards yanking the organization’s funding as early as Friday after receiving numerous complaints from Metis citizens and others over the disputed election.


The move might also jeopardize almost 300-thousand-dollars the MNS receives annually from the federal government.


Roth says he understands Sonntag’s responsibility to taxpayers, including Metis citizens, but questions whether it’s appropriate for the government to get involved in this way.


Sonntag says if he decides to yank the funding, it will be done reluctantly — pointing to the province’s adoption of the Metis Act a few years ago as a sign the province wants a good relationship with the MNS.